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Enterprising Youth (Teaches you how to build a lean business plan + more)

EnterpRlSEing Youth is a free 10-week course for youth aged 16 to 29 who are interested in launching or growing a small business. The program is a great opportunity to learn essential business and financial skills while developing the confidence required to run a successful business.

What does the program include?

  • 15 online learning modules that cover all the topics you need to complete a lean business plan

  • Quizzes that help you test your knowledge as you go

  • Works on any computer or mobile device

  • Access to consultation with a Rise Business Advisor

Visit our EnterpRISEing Youth website for more details

What are the benefits

Learn at your own pace

Gain Skills to develop a business plan and launch your business

Connect with professional advice from Rise

Program Details:

Where: EnterpRlSEing Youth is an online course available here

Cost: The program is free of charge for all participants.

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