Finessé Case Study

The Problem!

When the owner of Finessé came to us they had already paid somebody to build their online store, but it had many issues right from the ground up! The entire store needed an overhaul! 

It had a lack of branding and poor design, the ordering system would not process orders, there was no SEO implemented anywhere on the site! Through our SEO Audit system, its SEO only rated a D. The list of problems with this store was long, That's until we got to work!

"Anthony was very helpful and was quick to respond to my many questions. I hired his company to brand my online website. I paid someone else to make me a website for my store and she made a very basic generic store. There were many errors in the store. Anthony reached out to me and redid my whole store and he did a great job for a great price. I will be returning to his company for any help I need. You will not be disappointed."

The Solution!

After assessing all the problems the store had and evaluating the work that needed to be done we started by creating multiple logo designs for our client to choose from, once decided on the final logo we put together a custom branding package, which included...

- Custom logo and appropriate usages

-A color scheme with color codes and appropriate usages 

-Typography usage guide

-& More

We then went to work on doing a design & branding overhaul on the website, implementing SEO techniques as we went i.e. Meta tags, image alt tags, and things of that nature. 

After that was all said and done we assessed any remaining problems such as the broken ordering system and many fine details that were overlooked by the original designer of the website, we also worked with the owner to write a compelling back story which spoke to the customers explaining what the Finessé brand is all about!


Elvira Ramirez Owner Of Finessé

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